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Choosing the Best Ent Doctor

Complications involving the ear, nose and throat can significantly affect an individual’s lifestyle. For example, people suffering from chronic sinusitis experience continuous facial pressure, headaches, and congestion. These symptoms can prevent them from fulfilling daily tasks, which negatively alters their quality of life. If you find yourself staying home from work or skipping important events because of ear, nose, and throat problems, it may be time to consult with an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist, or ENT, or also known as an otolaryngologist.

But, how do I choose an ENT specialist?

Board-Certified –
The most important factor in choosing an ENT is that they have board certification. The largest certification organization for experienced otolaryngologists is the American Board of Otolaryngology (ABO). To qualify for ABO certification, doctors must complete a four-year college degree, four years of medical school and five years or more of specialty training. Then they are required to pass the ABO examination. With ABO certifications, you will know that your ENT has the expertise and continuous education to effectively diagnose and treat your condition.

Check the Experience –
After eliminating any ENTs that are not board-certified, you may want to check how much experience they have, especially with your particular condition. Do some research on how long they’ve been practicing because the more experience they have, the more options and expertise they can offer their patients. Dr. Lapco in Pompano Beach, FL has over 15 years of experience, which shows his dedication and success being an otolaryngologist.

Stays up to date with advances, current treatment, and courses for updates –
Public involvement and recognition speak volumes about ENTs and their commitment in the specialized field. A quick search on their website should reveal whether successful in their practice, and outside their practice by staying up to date with the latest research and techniques. This indicates the doctor’s credibility as well as their ability to provide the best treatment available for you.

In summary, if you suffer from chronic allergiessinus pressure, pain, or any other related complications, seek the assistance of a qualified ENT specialist, like Dr. Lapco today.

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