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How to Sleep Well With Sinus Problems

Getting a good night’s rest may seem impossible if you have persistent sinus problems, such as allergies or a sinus infection. If you breathe through your mouth, it prevents your nose from warming, moistening and filtering the air, which can increase sleep disturbance. Also, these problems can increase your chances of snoring and developing sleep apnea.

Some common sleep complications can include sleep apnea, mucosal obstruction and anatomical obstruction. An average adult should get seven hours of sleep a night; anything less can lead to further health complications. If you are having troubles sleeping through the night, it’s important to seek professional help from Dr. Lapco, an ear, nose, throat doctor (ENT), to determine the underlying issues.

Once you have addressed these issues, there are certain ways you can get a better night’s sleep on your own:

Not getting the recommended amount of sleep can cause a lack of concentration and feeling fatigued during the day. It’s important to address this problem with Dr. Lapco because it can be caused by a serious medical condition. Follow these simple tips and you may be able to enjoy a great night’s sleep. Everyone deserves to feel well-rested, even with sinus problems.

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