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Nasopharyngeal Cancer


Nasopharyngeal Cancer Treatments in Pompano Beach, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, FL

When cancer cells develop on the lining of the nasal cavity and throat, it is known as nasopharyngeal cancer. This is generally correlated with the infectious mononucleosis virus. Nasopharyngeal cancer usually spreads to the lymph nodes quickly, so it’s detected by a lump or swelling in the neck.

This cancer can be serious because it’s fast-growing, spreading to the nose, mouth or pharynx. Symptoms of nasopharyngeal cancer can include trouble breathing or speaking, nosebleeds, lump in nose or neck, sore throat, snoring, headaches, and pain or ringing in the ear.

In advanced stages, nasopharyngeal cancer can spread to the lungs, liver and bones of the skull, so it’s necessary to receive medical attention if you’ve had these chronic symptoms. Dr. Lapco will need to diagnose the cancer and then perform a surgical removal of the cancerous tissue. It’s also necessary for the cancer to be completely eliminated by radiation or chemotherapy treatment.

Contact our office today to schedule your appointment if you are experiencing these symptoms or have felt a lump in your neck or nose. Dr. Lapco’s Pompano Beach office is located in Broward County just 10 miles from Coral Springs and 12 miles from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


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